Why are the streets of Plaka so famous?

How a street can be famous

Plaka as a neighbourhood was built onto the ancient paths that existed in Athens, even among ruins.

Moreover, the new Athens plan that was made from foreign architects, young people, just finished their studies at that time, who wanted to builf their fame together with the new capital of Greece, on the ancient “highways”.

These streets are Sacred Way or Iera Odos, that led from Elefsis to Acropolis, Panathineon street, today inside Athens Agora, and of course Plaka streets as Tripodon, Kydathineon, Adrianou. If you notice carefully having your head looking up, you will see Acropolis rock from Patision, Pireos, Kifissias, since all roads were leading to that hill. How about Plaka?

Streets of Plaka were next to ancient ruins, that were built either just after war with neoclassical buildings, either renovated and today they are beautiful buildings, either were abandoned and today you pass by and you ask yourself “why”.. Buildings stand among the ancient walls, next to ancient buildings, a destroyed column is in Filomousou square…. Time is everywhere around in Plaka and plays with its visitor. Time is what a traveler spends and time is what everyone cannot earn…. time is precious and while walking at Plaka’s streets you can definitely realize and move forward… Even if many monuments of Athens do not exist today, in Plaka you can realize a lot of that value.. and feel like Athens european visitors felt 200 years before.. 

When Christian Andersen, Freud, Yung climber the Acropolis, did they know they were already famous?

Walking around the seven hills of Athens, you can find the Pikionis pathway, a modern famous path, both about the route, but also his creator: an innovative artist and architect, who tried to change Athens urban landscape. Athens famous streets are also followed by famous squares, but this is another topic that someone has to deal with..