What makes Anafiotika so special?

All those who visit Plaka, make a pass from Anafiotika, that are considered a must visit while in Athens.

Why there are so astonishing? it is a combination actually from characteristics

  1. They are built ON the rock. Seriously. Just like that. It is quite obvious and interesting observing such buildings today.
  2. They look like Aegean’s island houses, white and blue. Small & White houses in the Aegean, were made for two reasons:  They are whitewashed actually and this is a disinfectant material for rural areas, that islands are, or at least were before tourism prevails. They are small and built on rocks, because their inhabitants were trying to hide themselves from pirates.
  3. They were built illegally actually, so quite rapidly.
  4. They were mostly but around 1830-1850. Around them there are neoclassical buildings, a really interesting comparison for the eye..
  5. There are many churches, which are a miracle of architecture and respect to the natural environment.
  6. There are also many trees and plants around the area, that gives a very unique essence of nature. Nature is wise.
  7. People still live there. Really.
  8. When you walk around Anafiotika, you have a feeling of losing in time, or feeling like a kid playing in the streets, for anyone that has still the luxury to live that… You just forget who you are, where are you…
  9. You know that above your head is Acropolis and Parthenon, the top monument that human ever made, a natural combination of mathematics and aesthetics.
  10. These streets make you feel ancient Athenian, take you to Athens Agora, or the Olympian Zeus temple… you live real history in the oldest city of Europe and western civilization.

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