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Athens’ visitors search for Plaka street view and directions, since they feel sometimes lost while their visit, but reality is that is quite easy to find everything you are looking for, either a place to eat- a taverna, or to shop, or even your hotel.

Here we propose two entrances (Syntagma and Monastiraki) of visiting Plaka, so as not to get lost, and also exploit as much as you can. Of course, you should know that someone can just WALK around Plaka, that could be done in 2-3 hours, or really follow the history, that needs…. weeks. But anyway, here are some 2-3 ways to enter the area.

So, a first entrance to Plaka could be found from Syntagma Metro. From there you walk Filellinon str. until you reach Kydathineon, the marble street, from where you can “enter” Plaka. During  your Kydathinaeon walk,  you can shop and see Brettos Bar, one of the most famous bars, you reach Adrianou street. There you have two options, either go right, from where you get to Anafiotika or Monastiraki, or left, from where you go to Acropolis Museum, Koukaki area and Acropolis Metro station. There are tavernas everywhere.

If you choose to go towards Monastiraki, you will find also Athens Cathedral and then Pandrosou street. If you choose to go towards Anafiotika, you should know there are a few steps to get their. On your way to Anafiotika, you will also meet Plaka stairs, where you can get great pics.

A second point of entry is from Monastiraki Metro, where you find Pandrosou street OR you move to the right and go towards Acropolis.

If you choose to move onto Pandrosou, you reach the Athens Cathedral Church, and you find Adrianou Street on your right. There you can see the oldest house of Athens and if you walk straight ahed you will find the Olympian Zeus temple (after 20 minutes walking).

If you decide to move towards Acropolis, you have to “climb” since Acropolis is a hill… Getting up to Acropolis you will then reach Areopagitou pedestrian, and you could also walk to Pnyx & Filopappou hills, where democracy was born. Today it is an open to visit spot, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the other hills.

Walking distances from Plaka to:

Even if that Plaka is the center of Athens, here are some tips regarding your walking plan while in Athens (and here are some driving tips)

Transfer spots 

Syntagma square & metro station (blue & red line): 10 minutes

Monastiraki square & metro station (blue & green line): 10 minutes

Acropolis metro station (blue line): 10 minutes

Thisseio metro (green line): 10 minutes 

Athens POI’s 

Kalimarmaro Stadium: 15 minutes 

Byzantine Museum: 20 minutes 

Pagrati: 30 minutes


Top -10’s monuments & hills

Acropolis- Parthenon : 20 minutes

Acropolis- museum: 10 minutes

Filopappou hill: 15 minutes

Pnyx hill: 20 minutes

Kalimarmaro Stadium: 20 minutes

Olympian Zeus temple: 15 minutes 

Squares, museums & POI’s 

Agias Irinis square: 15 minutes

Metaxourgio square: 20 minutes

National Archeological museum: 30 minutes

Gazi & Technopolis: 20 minutes

Psirri: 10 minutes

Zappeio & National Garden: 10-15 minutes