Our collection of online maps

Since we need to provide the best content for you – our guest- and since you discover the unknown historical secrets of Plaka, we have created a map series of the area, which you can find them all here.

Here is a map of Plaka Orthodox churches, but also the surrounding area. Take a look at Anafiotika, and don’t forget that most of the churches are built on 11th century.

Plaka top 10– here are some points for you.

Neoclassical houses at Plaka

Plaka Museums only.

Athens 7 hills– the best part of Athens natural beauty

Athens foreign archaeological institutions

Plaka art galleries

Athens Open air cinemas

Attica medieval monuments

East and south Attica Poi’s

Saronikos gulf

Here is some info about walking and driving distance information from Plaka, or if you want to walk around Plaka streets, read some stuff here. If you have any inquiries, questions or anything you want to ask, send us an email!