Visit Olympias, the ancient Greek trireme

Who hasn’t read about the battle of Salamis between the Greeks and the Persians, that gave Greece its independence and global glory? This ship that General Themistocles based his strategy was trireme.  Athenians built their global trade routes but also their defence on these ships. Do we know how they were? The answer is yes.

Olympias is a trireme constructed during 1985-1987, according to the research of historian J.S. Morrison and naval architect J.F. Coates, funded by Greek Navy. It will be open to the public during the “Sea Days” festival, organised by the municipality of Piraeus.

The ship was transported to Great Britain in 1993, to be a part of celebrations for the 2.500 years of democracy. In 2004 Athens Olympics she was used to transport the Olympic Flame, during the Athens Olympic Torch Relay. Today it is an exhibit in a dry dock at Faliron.

For five days this May Olympias will be accessible to people at Marina Zeas. Visitors are kindly asked not to wear heels, in order not to destroy the deck. Also no pets are allowed, so as food and drinks (during the visit).

Dates: May 3rd 2019- May 7th 2019

Hours: 10.00 -13.30 & 17.00-20.00

Place: Marina Zeas, Piraeus

Link in Greek from Sea Days festival hereAlso here is the official page of the trireme, but if you want more info regarding the Trireme Trust, click here