Is 1-2-3 days visit to Athens short or long?

Athens can offer many options, depends on what you want to see. You can see Acropolis in one day, Plaka one more with some museums located around the area. You can visit also the rest of Archeological spots (Roman agora, ancient Athens agora, which are around Acropolis hill. There are also numerous Orthodox churches in Plaka, which are a must and you can’t miss. 

You need an extra day to visit the 7 hills of Athens, where you can relive the life of an ancient Athenian. 

There are so many museums outside Athens, which you need 2-3 days more. 

Now it depends if you want to do the same and spend one extra day to Piraeus, where there is the port and some museums as well. 

After that there are many archeological spots in rest of Attica, and are less than an hour from Plaka. There are 3 mountains: Immitos, Penteli and Parnitha. On each mountain there are different points of interest. There are beaches as well, where you can swim and relax. 

If you decide to visit the popular Sounio, you need to rent a car and return from Lavrion port. There are more ports than that of Piraeus, Lavrio and Rafina. 

If you would like to experience more sea, you can travel to the islands of Saronikos. First and closest is the famous Salamina, but is no touristic at all. Then there are Aegina and Agistri, where you have to book a ferry from Piraeus. 

And not forget Elefsina, than place where Eleusinian Mysteries took place. How many days you want from all the above? 


What are the three attractions in Athens you should visit

  1. Acropolis 
  2. Plaka – Roman agora- Ancient Agora and museums 
  3. Walk around 7 hills of Athens 

How to spend 4-5 hours in Athens? 

You have to be quick. Walk around Plaka, which is like an island and walk in Anafiotika, if you like walking. If you want to see Acropolis, see Acropolis- you need at least 2 hours. 

Is Athens cheap?

For tourists it is yes. An average but good quality meal for 2 costs 60-70 euros. Taxi transfer is cheaper than Europe, 7-14 euros for an average route in the city. Booking hotels varies, as everywhere. The best period for prices is winter, since hotels are emptier than summer. For shopping again it depends, brands would be less cheap, souvenirs if you buy in normal shops would be better than in busy streets. 

Is Athens safe? 

Athens is quiet safe, but you have to be careful, since in all European capitals there is the same problem. 

Internet in Athens? 

There is internet everywhere, you just need to ask the code from the cafe-taverna owners. 

Water is free in Athens? 

Yes it is, in tavernas they HAVE to serve FREE water. If they bring you a bottle (that you pay) you can ask for free water and they will bring you.