Street Life at Anafiotika

What amazes everyone at Anafiotika is the graffiti art- even for those who don’t like it. Why?

Graffiti is something unique, that is an internal and alive part of modern art and urban expression in all capitals. Everybody has heard or read of them, but few have visited them and explored them as they deserve it.

Agios Symeon day is on February 3rd, and on September the 8th is an Anafi celebration, also celebrated at Plaka’s Symeon church. Agios Georgios’ day is on April 23rd.

We don’t need to comment more on that, the sure thing is that you have to come and see by yourself how street art is combined with Orthodox churches. Here is a link of Orthodox church celebration in Plaka and Athens.

Amazing Anafiotika Tips

Anafi is an island next to Santorini, that is related to many myths. One of them is with Argonauts’ journey, but anyway it is a must destination for everyone as well. For the moment we will stay at Anafiotika.

As mentioned before, they were built secretly from workers in independent Athens, around 1850, when many other neoclassical building were constructed in main Plaka area.

Today you can find the famous churches, stairs, white color and an extraordinary view of Acropolis and Lycabettus hill.

The two churches are Saint Symeon and Saint George Stratonos.

What you need there, is: 

You need a special map of Anafiotika, begin at morning, carry some water, definitely have a camera for pictures, be quiet because people still live there!!!


Enjoy your Plaka walk!