September 2022: Athens Flying Week

Athens Flying week at Tanagra airport 

Are you tired from classical Plaka routes? Are you looking for something really unique while in Athens?

Here is a proposal that will blow your mind, since between September 21-22, Athens Flying Week is happening in Tanagra Air base, just one hour drive from Athens! And you regret not getting there if you are in the city and see aircrafts flying above your head and wonder where did they come from!!!!

So, even if Athens is not famous for any extraordinary experience, if you are lucky enough and find yourself in Athens on September, Tanagra is the place: free parking, air show, photoshooting, a trade fair, modelling, restaurants, cafes, happenings and a playground for our little friends.

Here is a video for 2018 event:

Aviation Spotters for 2019

The event offers full packages for aviation spotters, offering a special area for better view. The event for them starts on September 18th, when aircrafts arrive, on the test day on 20th and finally on their departure day on 23rd of September. Also they are granted special access to all areas.

You can find tickets for the event here. They only place that someone who visits Athens cannot find here is a ….library!!! Hope you enjoy the show!