Saronikos gulf is the best sea tour around Attica

Saronikos gulf is a mix of islands that are surrounding Athens and of course Piraeus. Historically, these islands were Athens rivals, until Athens managed to rule most of the Aegean sea.

During modern times, the island of Aigina was Greece’s first capital, so the first Greek museum was built there. In Salamina you can find Euripides’ cave, and a visit in Hydra and Spetses will show you why the Greek War of Independence was successful: because of the sea capital that was offered by the rich ship-owners of these two islands. So you can access these museums only by boat! But as a part of a daily or more excursion, Saronikos offers really unique options. After you reach the island, you can get to the place just by..asking a local!

Our VisitPlaka Saronikos proposal 

What we propose is either a sea tour, from Piraeus port, or even a private cruise with a motor boat. What we also recommend is an one or two days stay at Oasis Scala Beach Hotel at Agistri, next stop from Aigina island. An unknown destination for most of the people, but a real calming experience for business travellers who really want to calm down.  Send us an email to forward your request/custom tour (including our visitplaka partner discount) by clicking here.

What more you can find in Saronikos islands (besides Agistri):


Ecclesiastic and Byzantine Museum, +3022980-54071.

Historic File Museum of Hydra, +302298054142

Outlier of the National Museum of History, former Manor of Lazaros Kountouriotis, +3022980-52421



Euripides cave, 20 minites walκ from Peristeria

Archaeological Museum of Salamina, Thukididou 47, +302104640759

Agios Dimitrios church with George Karaiskakis tomb



Kapralos Sculpture Museum, department of National Gallery, Nikou Kazantzaki, Aigina

Folk Museum, Spirou Rodi 16, +302297026401

Archaeological Museum of Aegina, +302297022248

Afaia temple museum, next to the ancient temple of Afaia.



Spetses Museum, +302298072994

Bouboulina’s Museum +302298072416