Saronikos gulf is one of the most important seas in Greece. First of all it is the sea where not only Classical Athens but also Corinth established their kingdoms- or democracies …. And history does not stop here. Elefsis, Aigina, Salamis and modern Hydra, Spetses, Poros are located in Saronikos.

Saronikos is famous for those who love yachting in Athens. The islands are easily accessible by Piraeus, so if you have the time to experience a sea cruise, please do so. Each island has a different identity, natural environment, you definitely can visit each one every year for your holidays.

Classical Athens was not just Acropolis, but Saronikos Gulf and its competitors city states, Aigina, Megara but also Elefsis and Salamis. Today it is a beautiful sea you can enjoy by sailing or yachting.

Amazing Travel Tips for Saronikos

Which is the closest island to Athens? The legendary Salamis, from the battle of 480 BC against the Persians. Persian wars was time when the Greek city states united defeated the Persians. It was the time when Greece became famous all over the world and Classical Greece became the central point of western civilisation.

Sp, If you decide to get to Salamis, you have to reach Perama, which is southern that Piraeus. The ticket is really cheap, but you need a motor or a car to get there. You can get a taxi as well. The island’s tourism culture is not that strong, but you could pass by some cafe or tavern. There is also a museum there.