Salamis: One word to rule them all

The name is famous for many reasons.

A) stone

First it is the salamis stone. You can watch the video.

Secrets of the Parthenon from Providence Pictures on Vimeo.

B) battle

Then it is Salamis battle. The moment when Athens managed to prevail among the rest of Greek cities, and especially its rival Corinth, and its protector, Sparta. Athenian Themistocles took the decision and trapped both Greeks and Persians in Salamis straights, when Greeks destroyed Persian fleet at 480 BC.The result of this victory, as well that of Marathon battle, is to relate Athens name to the spear of the western culture, during Classical times.

C) boat

Less known today is the sacred boat of ancient Athens, one of the six sacred athenian boats.The names of the rest are Paralos, Ammonias, Antigonis, Dimitrias, Ptolemais.

D) today

Today it is a real island located at Saronikos gulf, really close to Athens and it is quite easily accessible from Perama port. You can easily pass there by a ferry, the ticket is really cheap as well as the time you need to pass over.