Sailing and travelling by boat in Greece is a remarkable experience and a must do. 

From Piraeus

From Athens you can get to Piraeus and from there you can travel to Saronikos islands: Aegina, Agistri.  You can get there in 1-2 hours maximum. 

From Perama you can get to Salamina. That is 20 minutes. 

Also from Piraeus you take the boat and get to Cyclades islands in central Aegean Sea. That times and durations vary to the type of vessel. But normally it lasts from 3-4 hours and maximum you can get is Santorini. 

From Piraeus there are also routes to Crete, that last 8-9 hours, so sometimes a cabin is preferrable. 

Not from Piraeus 

 Some other Aegean islands closer to Attica, such as Andros, Tinos, there are routes from Rafina port and Lavrio. 

But these are normal connections. In Greece a vary familiar choice of travelling is either sailing or by a rented motorboat. These trips are more convenient for large groups and families, who can share the cost. 

Private Tours from Piraeus and not only

These tours include a captain, a chef sometimes and a hostess, this is the basic crew. You rent a boat for 5-7 days and you explore the islands according to your desires, and of course, weather. 

Weather is very important factor in sailing and sea navigation (never forget that). So you may have chosen Mykonos or Santorini, but the weather will not allow that. 

Sail or what else?

Well, the choice is yours. The best is to find the most convenient days for you and then expect the best weather. It is a fact that Ionian sea is better that Aegean, which is not that predictable in terms of weather. Also a nice locations for beginners are north Cyclades or Sporades, Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos. Also making a round tour of Peloponnesus is fine for start, and not try to reach Mykonos (unless the weather is calm).  Sailing demands some skills, that make it harder for beginners as well. Greek Captains are very experienced in sea, and know how to communicate. If you want any extra proposals dont hesitate to contact us!