Athens squares

Before the Psirri area, people visit Syntagma and Unknown Soldier monument, Agias Irene’s square, Monastiraki, but also Plaka squares, like Old Agora, Mitropoleos, Filomousou, Lysikratous. 

Historical Psirri area

Psirri square is one more Athens’ historical neighborhoods. Lord Byron stayed here, during his visit to Athens. Psirri is mentioned for the first time in 1678, at a French traveller’s book, as one of the 8 Athenian plateaus. Today there are numerous taverns, where people come to spend their free time, in fair prices.

Numerous neoclassical buildings exist in the area, but it not like Plaka. You can walk to Piraeus street, the old way to connect Athens to Piraeus port. A part of this road was enclosed to Athens Walls.