Presidential Guard and Acropolis

Efzonas, Tsolias or just a Presidential Guard member?

During Ottoman period, Greeks were not dressed as they are today, but mostly like their Balkan neighbors. After Greece’s liberation, gradually the outfit changed according to the western states of Europe. But Greeks wanted to keep their traditional outfit at least for military uniforms. So they created at 1867 special units, the Efzones or Evzones. From 1914 they were used as Royal Guard. One military commander of Efzones during the Greek Minor Asia campaign in 1920, Nikolaos Plastiras became even Prime Minister, due to time of internal political turbulence.

Evzones today

Today their base is located next to the Parliament and they are responsible for the flag that exist on Acropolis, and is connected with stories of Greece’s glorious modern history.

Tsoliades are persons with respect from rest of Greeks, because of their hard training and patience. Today they are responsible for the monument of Unknown Soldier, but also the Greek flag at Acropolis rock.

Another important part is the outfit, since it is tailor made just for them, keeping a tradition of centuries alive. More details of their story is amazing, full of bravery and sacrifices, having only one goal: defending Greece’s ideas.