The most historic streets of Athens

Most of Plaka visitors come to the area when they first arrive in Athens. For most of them it is either something they have heard about from friends or relatives, or it is the first thing they read in Athens city guides (ok after Acropolis and Parthenon).

What makes Plaka unique are its streets. Some simply paved, some in white like Aegean islands (Anafiotika) or even still without even on the hill of Acropolis, one made of marble, while other full of graffiti. Since Plaka is built on a hill, there are stairs everywhere, hidden paths, unexplored places even for us, that we describe the place… Plaka is magic.

So, Tripodon is the most ancient street in Europe, Kydathineon is a part of the early Russian community in free

Athens, Areos and Adrianou are the paths that connected ancient agora to destroyed city gate, Pandrossou remains intact for centuries, while Tholou is where the Bavarians were located when they arrived to the city… Plaka is both a mystery inside the oldest city of Europe. Ancient, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman parts of Greek history are still in this area of Athens. From there you can start exploring the hills of the city, with their mythology, history and amazing view, on one direction, discovering yourself.

Moreover, the choices that the area offers are limitless. Shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, galleries, experiences, museums, lessons…. everything is there, that you need a trip just for Plaka streets and not for Athens. The city of Athens is related to Acropolis, but this is nothing compared to what is there for all of us, no matter how many times it was destroyed….