At Mnisikleous, a magnificent spot has been created by stairs, surrounded by restaurants and cafes, where you can enjoy many food or drink options. You should also consider that the spot is crowded, especially during summer, but also the fact that many cats are there, the famous Plaka cats! 

Plaka cats 

How pet friendly Athens can be? Well Plaka is far more cat friendly from any other neighbourhood of Athens!

In Plaka streets there are many pets around, which are being fed by locals or visitors. Normally they are friendly to people- unless if you try to harm them.

Plaka stairs

You can find them at Plaka stairs, shops, abandoned houses at Anafiotika, near tavernas and restaurants, Kydathineon, or near Kanellopoulos museum at Tholou street, where people feed them, but they walk everywhere around the area.

If you want to feed them, please do it but properly.

Feeding process

  1. Buy a sealed packet of cat food from a nearby mini market with a plastic bowl- and maybe water.
  2. Place the bowl carefully somewhere not to cause trouble to nearby businesses.
  3. Wait for the cats to finish their food and clean afterwards.

Please be responsible and be patient. Apart from the cats there are people that live from their shop/store/taverna at Plaka and they do not want the area to be dirty. Imagine if everyone who would like to feed the cats would not clean afterwards…