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A Revitalizing Walking Experience! 
Athens squares

A traveller wants to explore and walk. Only by walking you can really feel the essence of the place you are at, and Plaka is still a place you can definitely walk. Narrow streets next to ruins, modern shops close to  traditional tavernas, you just have to come and walk around Plaka. 

Here is the list:

1 Lysicratous Square  

Lysicratous square is close to Acropolis metro station, where you can walk Vyronos street and get there. 

2 Old Agora Square  

The square is one of the main squares of Plaka and is located close to the Tower of Winds. There are many restaurants on the square, and also a magnificent central palm tree. You can enjoy a coffee or a nice dinner during afternoon or night. The other squares are Filomousou and Lysicratous. There is live music at Filomousou and ice cream at Lysicratous. You can walk there by turning right while you walking Pandrosou up from Monastiraki

3 Filomousou Square  

The Square name comes from the “Filomousos” Company name, founded in Athens at 1813. Its purpose was to educate Greeks in the dark Ottoman period of occupation. The Filomousos company was under British protection, so Ioannis Capodistrias, rushed to found its own “Filomousos” Company in Vienna at 1814, under the Russian mandate this time. Probably the reason why Greeks abroad created these companies was after their disappointment from Napoleon failure, who had really inspired them.

4 Tripodon Street 

Tripodon or the Athenian Wall of Fame, connecting ancient with modern Athens

If Athens is the oldest city of Europe, and Plaka is the oldest plus continually inhabited part of Athens, then Tripodon street is the oldest road of Europe. The street name comes from the ancient tripodes, used in oracles and it was used in order to advertise their wealth, a Walk of Fame as we could name it today!

Initially the path was used to connect Dionysus Theater, located opposite the modern Acropolis museum with Athens’ agora, located at Thission area, modern Monastiraki. Today in Tripodon exists the world-famous choregic Lysicratous monument (raised in 335-334 BC) and the street was full of such monuments. Lysicrates Square near the monument is the main part of Plaka.

5 Adrianou Street 

Andrianou connects Hadrian’s Arch to Ermou street, by meeting Athens Orthodox Cathedral. A pedestrian way, full of shops. 

6 Pandrosou Street 

One of the most oldest Athens streets, Pandrosou still offers the unique feeling of a cosmopolitan market. It marks the start of the old town of Athens, and leads to Athens Orthodox Cathedral church. While walking Pandrosou Street market, you find numerous options for gifts and presents from Greece: clothes, memoirs, luxury items, galleries, food, jewellery, handmade items. 

7 Kydathineon Street

Kydathineon or the marble street. A pedestrian reconstructed just for creating the experience of walking in an ancient Athenian street. Filomousou sqaure is located at the middle of the street. 

8 Plaka stairs 

The famous stairs, where so many instagram pics and movies are taken. 

Of course there are more squares in Athens, where you can find more about them here. 

So, apart from them, while wondering around Plaka’s streets and Anafiotika, you will soon realize that Athens is a learning experience and anyone can start this experience while walking at Plaka.