Try the best handmade Athens’ Memoir: Silver Earrings (50 €) at Geoart Shop at Kydathineon 25, Plaka. You can check his art work direct at his small store 🙂

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Shopping experience in Plaka
Diodos restaurant at ancient agora

Plaka’s restaurants and Tavernas are the top reason for Athens’ visitor to get to Plaka.

But there are many stores  around the area that offer hundreds of choices regarding a gift or a souvenir from Athens and Greece. 

We suggest Geoart’s Silversmith at Kydathineon 25, where you can get a 10% off price, mentioning Visitplaka 🙂 

So, around the streets there are small shops that have unlimited options of souvenirs, for those who want a memoir or a gift for some beloved when they return home. There are also many cultural shops, offering unique decorative options, or usable objects.

Art holds a main position in Plaka shops, from paintings of classical or contemporary art, even jewelleries, from traditional Greka style, till vintage and modern. Shops offer everything and in really reasonable prices.

As for galleries we recommend Orlik Gallery, at Kydathineon 12, opposite Geoart Shop. You can also mention VisitPlaka  and get a discount. 

Most of the businesses are not like the Monastiraki Flea market (with bargains) or Ermou and Kolonaki markets, who are more luxury. Nevertheless, there are several luxury options in Plaka with fair pricing.

The best place? Streets of Plaka, like Kydathineon, Pandrosou, Adrianou and all the even smaller streets of the area.

Most popular options regarding gifts from Athens are: 

  1. Athens memoirs, such as cups, t-shirts, and other usable or non usable items, things that you can find in many shops while walking around. 
  2. Greek Olive oil, in bottle or food products related to it, and generally food items like honey, figs, Spoon sweets, etc. Most people prefer packaging that helps transfer during airport check, that means 50ml or 100ml and gift packages. 
  3. Metaxa, Ouzo or Greek wine bottle. Even though ouzo is the famous one, and Metaxa is the branded one, Greek wine is still understimated, compared to other Mediterranean ones. 
  4. Handmade Jewellery, crafted using silver or gold. Many people visit Athens to buy metal, since it is quite more affordable, especially after being processed. Our options here is George’s shop located in Kydathineon 25. He can also repair your jewelry. 
  5. Art related gifts, such as paintings and sculptures found in galleries around Plaka. Athens was a center for philosophers and artisans for centuries and here are some modern ones as well. Our proposal is Orlik gallery, created by  Inna Orlik, an immigrant from Ukraine. 
  6. Cosmetics. There are many Greek brands that produce cosmetics, since Greece produces natural ingredients for centuries. 
  7. Leather items and furs. Even though these gifts are not that famous nowadays due to the “green” and sustainable social priorities, in Greece there are family businesses with a tradition that produce such items. 

Tips: Most people believ that “bargains” logic is a must in Athens, this is mostly a 1960’s perception, than a reality. 

Bargains are reality in Athens Flea market, around Monastiraki and not in Plaka. 

Greece is an opportunity for those who are looking how to spend their money for value. For more info about shopping click here.