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Plaka street shopping experience

Tavernas are the top reason for Athens’ visitor to get to Plaka. But the shops around the area offers hundreds – even thousand -of choices regarding a gift or a souvenir from the destination. Welcome!

Even though that most visitors either do not visit the area with a clear shopping intention, either they think that “bargains” is a popular shopping mentality, the local Market has many things to offer.

Around the streets there are small shops that have unlimited options of souvenirs, for those who want a memoir or a gift for some beloved when they return home. There are also many cultural shops, offering unique decorative options, or usable objects.

Art holds a main position in Plaka shops, from paintings of classical or contemporary art, even jewelleries, from traditional Greka style, till vintage and modern. Shops offer everything and in really reasonable prices. Most of the businesses are not like the Monastiraki Flea market (with bargains) or Ermou and Kolonaki markets, who are more luxury. Nevertheless, there are several luxury options in Plaka with fair pricing.

The best place? Streets of Plaka, like Kydathineon, Pandrosou, Adrianou and all the even smaller streets of the area.

Greece is an opportunity for those who are looking how to spend their money for value. For more info about shopping click here.