How safe Athens is by night

Well, Athens by night is a phrase used around the 1970’s, when Athens was the center of Mediterranean entertainment. Bouzoukia, rebetiko music, this is where syrtaki came from and Aristotle Onassis.

Till then many things have changed in modern Athens, and especially is Plaka. 

Is Plaka a tourist trap

Plaka area was famous for its historic streets and architecture. There are some cases that people steal wallets and bags, during night, so you have to be careful and not that relaxed. But comparing to other places, even during late night most areas of Athens are safe. There can be sometimes cases of burglary, but mostly around stores.

Plaka was considered as home to the biggest tourist traps. Today this not reality because there are many POS in shops and since Eurozone, Greece is ok with EU monetary and tax policy and regulations. 
Athens metro is vary safe as well. You have to be careful while you walk around Acropolis, especially late at night. The way that leads to Pnyx hill, is suggested during daytime for sure and with a bit of attention during night hours. 

Which streets to avoid in Athens

Any large city has good and bad neighborhoods. Before you book any accommodation in Athens, it’s useful to know which areas to avoid. Athens’ not so popular neighbourhoods include Omonia,  Monastiraki, Metaxourgio and Victoria Square