Acropolis view. What else?

Everyone visits Athens and gets up to Acropolis hill to see the Parthenon and the city. Then he/she goes to Acropolis museum nearby and enjoys Acropolis from the same height. Never forget that it is a hill, and the hills around the city offer magnificent sight as well, especially Lycabettus.

View of Acropolis is the third top attraction in Athens. Here is a list that combines all sides of the city.

  1. A for Athens. Located at Monastiraki metro, the most famous spot for that.
  2. Electra hotel Roof Garden, Navarhou Nikodimou 28. One of the top hotels of the city, located at Plaka.
  3. Chocolat, Apostolou Pavlou 24, extention of Areopagitou pedestrian. You can find it if you choose a walk around the Acropolis hill, close to Thisseio metro.
  4. Thea terrace bar, Apollonos 21, Plaka
  5. The Zillers, Mitropoleos 54.
  6. Sissifos, Mnisikleos 32, Plaka
  7. Royal Olympic hotel Roof Garden ,
  8. Dionysos, Robertou Galli 43. The place is both historical as for modern Athens, since celebrities meet there. There is a free parking space as well.
  9. Kuzina, Adrianou 9, Thisseio
  10. New Hotel, Filellinon 16 & Navarhou Nikodimou.


Moreover there are some options located at the rest of Athens hills, such as the restaurant at the top of Lycabettus hill. For top food options you can click here. Also there are open air cinemas that some of them offer a nice view to Acropolis as well.