Diodos restaurant, a safe place to enjoy, with a great view to Acropolis

Apart from the restaurants and tavernas that exist in Plaka district, there are particular dishes that you have to explore. Here are some of them, more than a Greek Salad.



Famous Tzatziki is mostly everywhere, for the moment we don’t have a place to suggest, Diodos is a quite focused restaurant in Greece cuisine, located in the entrance of Athens agora.

Fava is a nice plate, with beans actually, onion and olive oil. Olive oil is the most luxurious oil you can taste and it is everywhere. You can buy also olive oil as a souvenir or a gift.



Choriatiki or Greek salad is the mainstream salad, with tomato (the first tomato in Greece was planted in Plaka), cucumber, feta cheese, olive oil and onion in its basic form.


Main dishes

Greeks consume a lot of olive oil and meat. So a local mprizola, made from pig is one dish you can definitely enjoy with your Greek salad and tzatziki.

Mousaka. Well, it is difficult to find real mousaka or mouzaka, meaning made in the restaurant where you sit. Most of the times it is pre-prepared by a catering service. This does not mean that it is of bad quality of course, but you can ask the waiter.

Pastitsio. A famous dish you have to try, as with mousaka.

Fish dishes. There are dozens of fishes you can enjoy, you just have to ask if there is fresh or frozen. Normally people are honest on food. It’s better to try fish in some Saronikos‘ islands restaurants.



Greek yoghurt with honey.



Ice cream.

Generally the type of dessert offered it depends on the business model. Also there is mastic liqueur some restaurants offer. It is common especially in hotel’s restaurants to ask for an espresso coffee after food.