Where to eat at Plaka: Restaurants and Tavernas in bullets

Around Plaka streets there are definitely more numerous options for food, either tavernas or restaurants, than anyone can imagine. The most famous are the following:

Restaurants with a view to Acropolis

Diodos restaurant

Even not really Plaka, Diodos stands at the entrance of the ancient Agora. A historical restaurant that offers great service and hospitality, highly recommended from us.


Platanos tavern

Located close to the Tower of winds, Diogenous 4, it offers a variety of Greek cuisine plates and it is preferred by locals as well.

Eat Miltons

A more glamorous option, and not so typical Plaka, located at Adrianou 91, near Archbishopric of Athens.


Daphne’s Restaurant

Located near Lysicratous square at Lysikratous 4, there is Daphne’s. A nice place to feel Plaka.


Psaras’ tavern

Next to Agios Ioannis Theologos church, near to Plaka stairs, a historical tavern of the area.  You can find it at the corner of Erehtheos & Erotokritou streets.


Acropolis Cave

If you want an approach closer to the hill of Acropolis, here is an option for you. You can find it by walking up Kydathineon, follow Thespidos and continue up the hill, or close to Agios Georgios Stratonos church at Anafiotika. A nice atmosphere for dinner as well.



A quite famous spot, for the view it offers to Acropolis. Located at the Philopappou hill, you can also easily find parking there. Many interviews take place there, since the place is both central and isolated.  It is located at Rovertou Galli 43, via Areopagitou, also near Pnyx hill.


Saita Tavern

Maybe the most famous tavern of Plaka, as well with Platanos, preferred by locals. Saita offers a variety of dishes and you can found it at Kydathineon street, next to Metamorfosi Kottaki church.


Also, there are options that offer rooftop view at Acropolis. We will let you soon know about more options.

For top-view options around Plaka click here.