Famous Plaka cafes and restaurants

There are numerous cafe’s in Plaka where you can enjoy your cafe and relax. Here is a list with some realistic proposals. 

Ydria cafe. Located at Athens Old square, Adrianou str., one of the most historic and iconic areas of the city. You will have coffee next to Athens agora and 100 meters from Tower of Winds. In the square there was Elgin’s clock, a monument that does not exist today, unfortunately. You can combine Ydria with food and wine menu later as well. 

Cafe -Bistro Plakaki, at Filomousou Square, another Plaka’s square. A real quiet and cosy corner, a cafe for locals as well, so don’t be curious if you hear Greek all the time! 

Cafe Melina. A Plaka’s landmark, you can find it in many photos of the area. It is on the way to Anafiotika. Melina was the name of the Greek actress and politician Melina Merkouri, a real feminist, lived two decades ago. 

Yiasemi. Located at Plaka Stairs, a cafe that appears in Greek television series and movies. If you want to live the Plaka Stairs experience, with people all around and over you (!) it is a nice spot.  

Callas. A magnificent space at Adrianou near Thissio. A must be for its internal decoration and music.