The historic relation between Athens and art

Apart from history, democracy, strategy and philosophy, Athens had always been the main source of inspiration for artists, intellectuals and people that adored what is today mentioned as Classicism. Ancient Greeks were deeply religious people, that honoured Gods in everyday life and offered them art masterpieces. This was an expression of a people that definitely had wealth, and could also master crafts and arts.

 Today a visitor that is walking among ruins, is one of all those who walked for all these centuries. Athens was visited by Christian Andersen, Freud, Yung – all climbed the Acropolis Rock. Before them, Julius Ceaser, Octabian and many others were coming to the city to see Parthenon with their own eyes and feel inside them inspired by the glory of the past – and future. 

Moder ruins have been restored with love and care by the Ministry of Culture and private donors. 

SInce Athens has inspired hundreds of intellectuals that have been wonderinfg around its Streets and Squares as we are today, we feel obliged to share all this art content with you. We try to follow the same visionary path as they did, focusing  on the importance of history and education for mankind.