Street art at Plaka streets

Everybody wants to visit Plaka for walking around ancient or modern art in its streets. Modern travelers are tourists are accustomed with the idea of “tour”. Being somewhere, even at a bus- train- airplane- ship and have a person responsible for you, taking care of you, showing you some sightseeing and guide you with stops to museums or other POI’s. A day around the area in definitely not like that.

Walking around the area, you can discover classic history, medieval, ottoman, or modern.

Plaka offers a free lesson of art and history, just by walking around its narrow streets, neoclassical buildings, ancient ruins, amazing museums, churches, festivals, local taverns, sunny cafes. Plaka is like nowhere in the terms of a learning experience, IF someone is aware of Athens history, even the modern one. Plaka consists of a live museum, open 24/7, and offering services that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, not only Mediterranean.

The basic streets – routes that offer these options are of course Kydathineon and Andrianou, that are the hear of Plaka culture. Art Galleries, classic Athens, hills, marble, colors, ruins give you the essence of walking through history. Athens, even without Acropolis (that could be blasphemy) is art by itself.