Plaka’s Art Scene Awaits: A Treasure Trove of Galleries

Art connoisseurs, prepare to be dazzled! Plaka’s labyrinth of historic streets is a gateway into Athens’ iconic art world. Around almost every corner, a new gallery beckons, continuing a cultural tradition as timeless as the ancient city itself.

As you weave through Kydathineon, Pandrosou, and Adrianou streets, the area’s creative energy is palpable. Tucked into stunning neo-classical buildings and charming 19th-century homes, Plaka’s galleries are an art lover’s playground.

Here is a list of the galleries you can visit: 


Whether you crave modern masterpieces, sculptures, or collectible cultural artifacts, Plaka’s venues have you covered. Embark on an artistic odyssey as you discover one inspiring space after another. Let the galleries’ masterful curations transport you through Athens’ captivating history and modern-day vitality.

Apart from galleries, you can enhance your Athens learning experience by visiting many museums, orthodox churches, and archaeological sites in the city of Athens. You can also combine a nice lunch or dinner with a view of the Acropolis or visit some of the most interesting bars in the city!

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