Welcome to Plaka Galleries

There are numerous art venues around Plaka where paintings, sculptures, and other cultural objects and collectible artifacts can be discovered. While walking around the historic streets of the city, there are many opportunities for art lovers that should be explored during a day or a night walk.

Walking around Plaka streets you can explore many galleries, keeping a tradition of centuries around the ancient city of Athens. The streets that you can walk in order to locate them are Kydathineon, Pandrosou, Adrianou and more.

Street art in Plaka

Here is a list of the galleries you can visit: 

Orlik Gallery, Navarhou Nikodimou 27, +302103235166

Parousia Art Gallery, Kydathineon 15, +302103231334, http://www.parousia-art.com/

Amorgos Art Gallery, Greek Folk Art, Kodrou 3, Plaka, +302103243836

Ioannidou Art Gallery, Vackhou 1, +302103239638, https://ioannidou-art-gallery.business.site/

Pandora Art Gallery, Adrianou 70, +302103314437, http://www.pandora.gr/

Sofo Gallery, Adrianou 122 & Hill, http://www.sofokliartgallery.com

Martinos Art Gallery, Pandrosou 50, https://www.martinosart.gr

Athens Art Gallery, Pandrosou 14, http://www.athensgallery.gr/

Combining the fact that there are museums and churches everywhere around Plaka, your walk can be a unique cultural experience.

Apart from galleries, you can enhance your Athens learning experience by visiting many museums, orthodox churches, and archaeological sites in the city of Athens. You can also combine a nice lunch or dinner with a view of the Acropolis or visit some of the most interesting bars in the city!