Plaka and Athens authentic Marathon race 2022

Athens Marathon is the main event of the city, at least for November. The city welcomes tens of thousands of guests on November 10th 2019. The 2019 runners number is up to 60,000 people which is a remarkable number for the city that named the race.

What a Marathon visit can do in Plaka and Athens (besides running)?

  1. First of all, knowing some historical facts, such as the first runner was a messenger of the Marathon battle in 490 BC, Fidipidis. The importance of the battle is very important for western culture in total, since Persian army invaded Greece. Athenian army marched to Marathon and faced them, with General Miltiades in command. After leaving 192 dead in the field, Athenians were victorious and Fidippides run back to Athens in order to inform the women and the elder not to abandon the city- since the Persian army would destroy it (as it happened before the Salamis battle in 480 BC). After running the 42 kilometres, Fidippides arrived in the city walls exhausted and just said “we won” (Nenikikamen in Greek) and collapsed – dead.
  2. Before the race, he could make a walk around Plaka streets and relax before the historic run.
  3. During the race, since it is hard for us to provide advices, you can visit Marathon’s official page here.
  4. The end of the race takes place at Panathenaic Stadium or Kallimarmaro, next to Ardettos hill. The stadium was restored for Athens first modern Olympics, back in 1896.
  5. After the race, you can enjoy Greek cuisine in one of the many taverns in Plaka! Enjoy your stay!