Plaka, a destination for kids

Plaka for kids

Most of Athens- and not only- visitors believe that there are no activities for children

during their vacations. Plaka fortunately hosts two quite focused on children museums.

The first is located at Kodrou 9, Museum of Greek Children’s art. There is plenty of space for them to play, create, paint with responsible tutors for them.


A different kind of museum for kids is the  Museum of School Life and Education at Tripodon 23 street.

This museum offers a different agenda for kinds. It is hosted at an amazing neoclassical building at the most ancient street of Europe!

At Kydathineon street there was also Hellenic Children’s Museum, that now moved at Rigillis street, not very far from Plaka, but not that close, it is behind the Greek Parliament.

Of course in Plaka there are many more museums you can visit, but in these three children can spend really constructive time.