Piraeus was selected as the main Athenian port, after Themistocles foresaw the upcoming rivalry with Sparta. Till then, the threat for the city of Athens was mostly Aegina, and Spartans were the primary power in ancient Greece. The Athenian trade was becoming stronger and till the times of Pericles Athens was a global naval superpower. 

Today, the city of Piraeus has its own museums, and its better to be in their own list.


  • Archaeological Museum  of Piraeus, the main museum of the city, located at Ch. Trikoupi 31, +302102104521598
  • Hellenic Maritime Museum, Akti Themistokleous Mariza Zeas, Piraeus, +302104286959,  http://hmmuseum.gr/
  • Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus, Iroon Politehniou 91, Piraeus
  • Panos Aravantinos Decor Museum, building of Municipal theater of Piraeus, Iroon Politehniou 32, Piraeus