A perfect walking tour in Athens

Dimitris Pikionis is a famous modern Greek architect, who created the pedestrian way around Acropolis. His project for the redesign of Filopappou hill was given by UNESCO the title of a monument of modern architecture. The church of Dimitrios Loumpardiaris is also considered a historical preserved monument since 1958.

The project started on May 1954 and was competed on February 1958. An emphasis was given on the pathways, the trees, the stops for rest and view points to Acropolis and Athens. Also the restoration of Dimitrios Loumpardiaris church was a very innovative project.

Pikionis tried to combine the atmosphere of Athens hills but also the architectural heritage of Greek landscape. He designed a space with respect to natural environment, reproduced the techniques of the past and gave a result that makes everyone feel amazed by walking the area around Acropolis.

An ultimate walking experience

So Pikionis managed to create a walking experience just next to Acropolis, combining the natural pathways of Athens’hills: Pnyx, Filopappou and Acropolis. Next to them Mouseon hill with NOA is waiting to complete a 180o view point of Acropolis rock.

During the construction, many archeological evidence came into light, that are somehow embedded in the full work. So today, anyone who can walk around the area, feels the same way that ancient Greek and roman philosophers were feeling. Also the visitor can enjoy the attic landscape with rocky ground and low flora. Accordingly, on the Filopapou hill many trees were additionally planted.

While walking to Filopapou, you can see Acropolis rock at its best.