Pandrosou Entrance

Pandrosou or Pandrossou?

We have talked about Kydathineon, a historic street but also unique in terms of pavement, since it is paved with marble. This street is the no1 entrance to Plaka district. The no2 is from Pandrosou, getting there from Monastiraki metro.

So, as soon you get out to Monastiraki square, you have four directions to follow, as you stare the mosque in front of you: either south to Athens Flea market, either towards Acropolis via Areos street, either to Psirri area opposite the square, or continue straight to the north and follow Pandrosou street.

One of the most oldest Athens streets, Pandrosou still offers the unique feeling of a cosmopolitan market. It marks the start of the old town of Athens, and leads to Athens Orthodox Cathedral church. While walking Pandrosou, you find numerous options for gifts and presents from Greece: clothes, memoirs, luxury items, galleries, food, jewellery, handmade items.

The atmosphere of the street is really unique, since it combines the aura of the ancient agora (which is just behind the one side of the street), but also modern design and products. The street is also crossed from other central streets, like Aeolou that leads to the Old Agora Square and Tower of Winds.

One more unknown aspect is that most of the shops are being run by the shop owners as family businesses, that are located there for 3-4 generations sometimes, like Nick’s corner. People are truly friendly, kind and really willing to assist Athens’ visitor.