Olympian Zeus Temple at Roman Athens and composer Vangelis

Roman Emperor Hadrian and Athens

Was any Roman Olympian or not? When Emperor Hadrian arrived to Athens, while the city’s Roman period, he was astonished by the city’s beauty and glory. At 131 AD he completed the construction of one of the biggest temples of the antiquity, whose remains we can visit today at the archaeological place of Olympeion.

Hadrian’s Roman Athens Remains and Ruins

The modern site is located next to Plaka and Syntagma (500 meters from both) and anyone can realize its past glory and destructions. Made from Pentelic white marble, and with a fallen column in 1852, the temple is mor

e than unique, attracting most of Athens’ visitors.

It is said that the temple foundation was directed related to Greeks mythical ancestor, Defkalion, who survived the flood myth, just like Noah. Athens had no longer king, so the “dictator” or ruler, Pisistratus, tried to finish the temple. Unfortunately, it was proved a really expensive project. However, he solved the water supply problem of Athens, by providing the city water from nearby Immitos mountain. But the same person who completed the temple, solved also that problem. Emperor Hadrian finished the temple but also Athens aqueduct, another huge project for his times.


Mythodea on June 28st 2001



A concert was organized on that date, June the 28th 2011, related to NASA and the music composer Vangelis. Here is the video from youtube.

The Olympian Zeus temple gives the city’s past glorious image with just a visit. Next to it, you can walk by the Illissus Vasilica, a destroyed church from the early christian times of Athens, but also visit the Panathenaic Stadium that is really close to the temple.

Photoshooting tips

Apart from the temple, you can get some good shots including the Hadrian’s Gate, that lies on the background. Roman emperors respected Athens a lot, why not feel the same? Besides Athens is always a learning experience for everyone.