Neoclassical Architecture is not only in Plaka, but all around Athens. After liberation, Athens welcomed many architects that made the city as beautiful it was during its classical times.

The first building is Dionysios Areopagitou Catholic church by Lysandros Kaftatzoglou (1812-1885). He also constructed Agia Eirini temple at the same name square, the largest church in Athens during his time and Athens National Polytechnic School in Patision Street (started in 1862). One early structure is also the Koletti’s house at Plaka.


Except Kaftatzoglou, two more Greek architects were Panagiotis Kalkos (1810-1875) and Dimitrios Zezos.

So the Athens National Archaeological Museum was designed by Kalkos, as Athens Town Hall and the neoclassical building of 74th municipality  school at Plaka (see Kampanis school). Kalkos also redesigned Athens Old Parliament building.


A project that Kalkos and Zezos were contributors with Hansen, was Athens Metropolitan church. Theofilos Hansen (1813-1891) was a Danish citizen who left his sign in Athens. Hansen moved to Athens in 1837, where he designed his first building, National Observatory at the NOA hill.

In 1856 he started Academy of Athens, a part of Hansen trilogy. After constructed many buildings in Europe, mostly in Vienna, he returned to Athens to design Athens Library in 1888, his final project (the library now is transferred to Stavros Niarchos foundation in Faliro, but the building is still at Panepistimiou).

Construction of Athens metropolitan church, started in 1842. It started with initial plans made from Hansen, but continued with Zezos and Kalkos. Next to Athens Metropolis is the small Metropolis, church of Pantanassa.


Two more amazing buildings is the House of Heinrich Schliemmann and the House of Bouros, both today museums.

The first house, designed by Ziller (1837-1923)  in 1878, is the Numismatic Museum of Athens, whilst the second is the Museum of the City of Athens. Ziller also designed Megaro Stathatou, National Theater, the German and Austrian Archaeological Institutes, the Egyptian Embassy in Athens, Olympia Museum and more than 500 works in total.

At the second building King Otto stayed for 7 years, before the modern Parliament was built. Today it hosts the City Museum of Athens.

Neoclassical building are everywhere in Athens.


Here are neoclassical Plaka buildings but also a map.