Neoclassical architecture in Plaka

Athens architecture interest

Athens is a notable destination for architects, since both the city plan at 1833 was designed by German architects, but also because the capital was fully designed trying to copy the western capitals’ architecture. So today someone can admire architectural treasures which are both rare and unique.

Plaka is also neoclassical

Athens is full of neoclassical buildings, but some are really amazing. After liberation from Ottomans, Greece was the epicenter of Neoclassicism and Greek Revival concept. Areas like Metaxourgeio, Psirri, Gazi, even Exarcheia have amazing building that today host museums, galleries and some are private houses as well.


Athens is the must city for architects, especially for those who admire Greek Revival concept and would like to see, feel and experience it real time


Amazing Neoclassical Architectural Tips

Start with Plaka streets, where neoclassical buildings are everywhere, Kydathineon, Tripodon and Adrianou.

Move to Thisseio, Monastiraki, then to Metaxourgeio and Gazi.

Before Metro Omonoia, there is Syntagma metro, that next to it there is Zappeion and National Garden.

if you really want to walk and follow the way to Omonoia metro station and then Patission street to the Archeological museum, Athens is full of Neoclassical buildings, that today are also museum and galleries as well. Few of them are houses as well. For us a special building with both historical but also architectural interest is that of Kolettis, at Polygnotou street. Neoclassical essence creates some romantic feelings for all of us who like classical Greece.