Mycenea is famous from the Lions’ Gate. It is the homeland of the Mycenean kingdoms, and had a leading role in Homer’s Iliad. 

Mycenea was discovered from Schliemman, an ancient Greece’s friend, who made many excavations not only in Greece but also in modern Turkey, where Troy is. 

The Trojan war is one of the most famous stories globally, kept in memory by thw works of Homer, an epic poet who lived somewhere around Aegean. 

The area today has three Points of Interest. Mycenea and its tombs, the modern city of Napflio and Argos, one of the most ancient cities of Europe (with Athens). 

Nafplio is a famous tourist spot, where there is a port and you can visit a castle built by Venetians. 

Argos has today a classical theater and is not that famous, you can pass by and say you did go there.