My Travel Adventures in Athens’ Orthodox churches

Everyone wants to explore Parthenon, Acropolis, Olympian Zeus temple, and Greece’s archeological treasures. But Greece is quite known for its Orthodox religion and around the city there are around 40 churches (!!!).

Plaka is a basis of this byzantine legacy buildings, most of them being dated around 11th century, the last period of Byzantine (Roman actually) empire’s glory.

Loumpardiaris, Kapnikarea, Saint Philip, Lycabettus Saint George. Different views, from top locations around Athens, hiding thousand years of faith and history


Orthodox Trips

Most of us already know that orthodox temples were built onto, over or together ancient Greek temples. If you want to feel Orthodox, here is the place to be!

Even the invisible borders of Anafiotika are set by two churches, the Saint Symeon on the South side and Saint George Stratonos on the northern side.

Planning Your visit

You have to be aware of the fact that Christian Orthodox calendar celebrates Saints and temples named after them on special dates. So, knowing the name of the temple you want to visit would make your experience much stronger. Moreover, in churches like Ragavas, there are special celebration, for example for March 25th each year.

Here is our list for you to enjoy!