Metaxourgio or Metaxourgeio area is built on the Dimosio Sima of Kerameikos, the ancient cemetery of noble Athenians.

The area was rural since antiquity and close to the olive oil production site of Athens. Also, there is an open-air market taking place every Monday on Kerameikos Street, this market offers a vital source of fresh products for the neighborhood.

At the area there was a silk factory that prevented the housing around the area, around 1875. There was also an Orfanage built at the area and later the gas factory, modern Athens Technopolis at Gazi. Many blacksmiths and repairers were also gathered around the area, that was a clear industrial one, inside the city. Before that there were many dirty waters, and the place was called Hezolitharo (Shitted stone).

The population continued to grow during the 20th century and many craftsmen, tradesmen and small business owners run their business there. During the 1980’s there was a decrease in employment that made the area look more abandoned than the rest of the central Athens. Fortunately, by 2000’s the population was stabilized, and is today connected to Athens metro line 2 (red line). 

Today there are many galleries and museums around the area, but also many restaurants, café and bars. If in Plaka you can find Old town of Athens, at Metaxourgio you will experience the neoclassical 20th century of Athens, still there.