Meet me on Lycabettus hill

Lycabettus is one of the 7 hills of Athens, and so unique that you can see him from every part of the city. Mythology tells us that Lycabettus was a rock accidentally  left there from goddess Athena, so the connotation is about its importance for the ancient Athenians. You can walk up there, but you can use a car as well.

The hill is higher than Pnyx and Areopagus, and offers an astonishing view during the sunset.

Up in the hill there is Saint George’s chapel and also a magnificent restaurant that is worth visiting.

Amazing Hills’ Tips

Use a car (via Kolonaki) to go to the parking- a plain area located next to the Theater (that is no longer used).

Use the stairs to get to the top, where the Chapel is.

Use your car to the other way to get down from Lycabettus. Kolonaki area is under the hill, where you can enjoy a dinner.

The train to get there was funded recently by the famous brand of Metaxa, so don’t be confused with the Metaxa photos you will meet at the station!