Medieval Attica- unknown monuments you can visit

From Classic to Medieval Attica

Athens is famous about its ancient history, Acropolis, theater and democracy.

But its byzantine and latin period are not well known. Inside the modern city of Athens, remains of its medieval past are the churches, like Monastiraki, Ragavas, Little Metropolis, who were built between 10-11th century and we renovated.

What is really worth discovering though, is the medieval remains of the Latin past of Athens. Two spots are of magnificent beauty, historic importance and architecture: The tower at Vravrona and the two Monasteries at Penteli.


Athens after Latin period had a period of Ottoman occupation, as the rest of Balkans. This is why Athens and Greece as well are a mixture of cultures, tastes and aromas.


Athens Latin conquerors wanted to protect their investment in the Greek peninsula, but the Aegean islands as well. So they created a network of towers but also fortresses, sometimes combined in monasteries. So except East Attica, so Nafplio, Naxos, Chalkida at Evoia, Methoni, Chlemoutsi castle at Western Peloponnesus, all there areas where medieval centers of the Latin companies.

Unfortunately the Latins didn’t leave nice memories to the occupied Orthodox Christian population of Greece. They were considered to be barbaric and vicious, and even they were supported against the Ottomans, Greeks suffered a lot for this stance of them. Latins abandoned them to the menace and terror of Turks not a few times, so there was no respect for them at all.

Today the castle network that exist in Greece does not have the local or public support to be promoted as it should.