Marathon Battle and Marathone Race

Classical Greece except from Olympia and Delphi, means few more sites, that Athens is related to. So the city is famous for Marathon, where Persians landed and a great battle for the west was given and now the word means the famous Race of 42 kilometers that separate Athens from its plain.

The famous Battle took place in 490 BC, before the also famous battle of Salamis. At Marathon Athenians gathered full military power to defend the city outside the city walls from the massive Persian empire’s army. Today the athenian military strategy is being taught to military schools around the world.

After this battle, General Miltiades whose plan prevailed, was the father of the Athenian supremacy that continued with Themistocles and finalised with Pericles, until Peloponnesian War.

Today in the area there is the Archeological space +302294055462 that you can see the tomb, constructed after the battle, to honour the 192 dead Athenian hoplites.

Marathon Race 

Every November the Aunthentic Marathon takes place in Athens. While in Athens you can enjoy time walking around Plaka and shopping activities, more info about it you can find here.

Near the modern Marathon site there are some amazing beaches you can enjoy the Attica eastern coastline. The most famous beach bar is Karavi and here is how you can get there.

Marathon to Lavrio 

You can also enjoy the sea at Loutsa, or get the boat for some islands to Porto Rafti as well. You can visit Lavrio and the mines that were there in antiquity.

In Lavrio there is an Archaeological Museum +302292022817 , the Mineralοgical Museum +302292026720 and neoclassical buildings around the main square.