Greek revolution of 1821 was a really complex case, with many actors involved, rebels, businessmen, priests, and of course politicians. One of them was Kolettis Ioannis (John), who was a person involved in the main scene of the modern Greek history. Greece was trying to gain its independence after Filiki Company organized the fight, uniting Greeks (and Serbs as well) all around the Balkans, from 1814-1821. Many Greece then arrived to their homeland in order to support the cause, military, financially or diplomatically.

The house main feature is the carved lady on the front wall of the house but a also it’s blue colour. Unfortunately the house is not open neither to public since it has static problems from earthquakes.

Ioannis Kolettis was the politician who ordered the assassination of one of the main heroes of Greek Independence, Odysseas Androutsos, one of the main leaders of Greek revolution. He ordered his ex-first man, Gkouras (there is a street with Gkouras’ name at Plaka today), to throw him from Acropolis. Androutsos was kept at the destroyed Frankish tower of Acropolis.

Kolettis was also the father of modern Greek nationalism and the founder of Megali Idea concept around 1844, that led to the disaster that took place is Asia Minor, called by the Greeks “Minor-Asian Catastrophe” in 1922.

So, the house today could be easily listed to the top neoclassical building of Athens. There were plans to become Cavafis’ museum, but the idea was abandoned.

You can visit the building only from outside, it is located at Polygnotou 13, next to the ancient agora. If you want to read about the museums, churches and galleries at Plaka, please follow the links!