Improve Your Plaka & Athens Photos With These Photography Tips

Athens photo options are limitless. There are so many places for a person that wants to keep in mind. But what are the best?

  1. Acropolis view (best during August moon). Everybody wants a photo of the Parthenon, even President Obama.
  2. All of Athens hills, known and also unknown.
  3. Ancient & Roman Agora
  4. Anafiotika, Plaka
  5. Authentic Marathon, near real Marathon

Photography Travel Tips

Athens is almost always under an amazing and clear sun. Use him and try to capture pics early morning.

Try to take pictures on Sundays that air pollution is minimum.

During August the air pollution is minimum as well, since all Athenians are on vacation far away from Athens. Don’t forget that some museums are closed during August.

We have seen Anafiotika, Acropolis, Plaka Stairs, we need unexplored locations!!!! Do your best!!! for example there are many excavations around Athens, with many monuments that are well hidden. Find them!

A nice time for photos is during orthodox festivals and celebrations, like Apocrea and Easter.

Also Plaka streets like Tripodon, Kydathineon, Adrianou give opportunities for nice shots, as well as the seven hills of Athens.

Some churches offer nice photo opportunities as well, like Ragavas church at Plaka, on March 25, celebrating Athens liberation from the Ottomans. Also saint Catherine has a nice garden and trees, and Anafiotika churches are like Aegean churches- small and white-washed.

Dont forget the 24/7 open Athens monuments.

Athens is a photo miracle since there are ancient ruins, flowers, sun, with modern buildings next to neoclassical ones. No city can combine all the above.

You can try taking pictures of some statues in Zappeion and National Garden as well, like the one of Lord Byron.

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