How much knowledge could someone gain during his visit in Athens?

Travel in time

Time travelling was always a human desire. Athens was the home of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and many more who dedicated their life to knowledge. Travelling to Athens is a knowledge experience, and that occurred to many intellectuals who came here, from Sigmund Freud to Jung and Christian Andersen. The city has a glove related to light that means education and practice, depicted on the city’s eternal symbol: the owl and wisdom. Today Athens has a huge number of museums, more than 40, that can fulfill everyone’s dreams and passion for learning.

Walking around Plaka’s streets, meeting randomly people inside museums, galleries, churches, you gain social experience. Knowing the basic of the historical facts related to Athens, mythological, historical, even geological and anthopological, someone definitely approaches the base of the human evolution and progress of the mind.

All the seven hills of Athens, Acropolis, Pnyx, Philopapou, Areopagus, Mouson, Lycabettus, have something different to offer to a curious traveler. Theseus made the city, democracy was born, Romans left their mark at the second, Saint Paul taught Athenians, Neoclassicism marked the urban landscape and today you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city from Saint George’s chapel at Lycabettus. Athens western matrix is drawn in front of your eyes.