How about Plaka’s history

History is everywhere around Plaka, even though the area is known for its restaurants and taverns. The area is actually divided in non-typical areas, of the most modern part, the central point is Lysikratous Monument. The other areas are the ancient and Roman Agora, and Anafiotika with Plaka stairs. Here are some main streets of the first part:

But what are the best routes in order for someone to walk around Plaka?


after reaching Syntagma metro you get to Philellinon, meet Kidathineon street, that connects Adrianou. You can go either left towards Acropolis New Museum, or right towards Anafiotika and Monastiraki.

Kydathineon Str. 

A name for an ancient Athenian Deme, moreover Aristophanes was listed as Kydathinean. Nowadays connects Syntagma (crossing Filellinon str.) with Adrianou Street and was expanding till Monastiraki, where Iridanos’ river banks where. Kydathineon is the only marble street in Athens, and has amazing neoclassical buildings and shops.

Apart from classical ruins, Neoclassicism shaped Plaka and Athens reality, but old neighborhoods were there still standing. Plaka zones are there, since we have talked about Upper, Down Plaka and Anafiotika, also about Rizokastro and Vryssaki that no longer exist.

Tripodon & Lysikratous Str.

Tripodes were the ancient prizes in Athens, given to the sponsor of the winning act, like Oscar today. Lysikrates was the sponsor of the 335-334 BC. This square at Lysikratous is the main square of Plaka. Tripodon is Athens most ancient street.

Kirristou Str. 

Named after Kirristos, the engineer who build Tower of Winds who lived in 1st century BC. There are some galleries based there but it is not a very busy street, as the rest at the area.

Andrianou Str. 

The Roman emperor who loved Athens, couldn’t be absent from here. Walking from Library in Monastiraki until Hadrian’s Arch you can enjoy the best moments of the city. Hadrianou street has two parts, the upper that belongs to Plaka area with shops, and the down part, parallel with the train stations of Monastiraki– Thisseio with cafes.


follow the road up, reach Vironos street and you are there. You will meet many shops on the way to Lysikratous

Monument, and after few meters you will be at the Crossroad of Adrianou & Kydathineon. There is the center of Plaka, where you can sit for a coffee or juice. You can go from there either to Tripodon and reach Anafiotika, or to Andrianou and reach Monastiraki metro and bazaar- bargains market, or to Kydathineon and then reach Syntagma.


outside the station you find Pandrosou street, that you walk all the way up, till Acropolis. Then you move towards right direction. You can meet Aiolou street you go right and from there you meet Acropolis again and follow the ancient walls on your right.


you can visit Roman Agora on the upper side and move to Plaka or you can walk towards Aeropagitou pedestrian street on your right. Walking up the street you have Acropolis on your left, until you meet Pnyx, around Acropolis Hill and Socrates’ prison. Continue walking Areopagitou and you find yourself again at Acropolis New museum and Makrygianneika area. At Vironos is the Plaka entrance again.
All these directions lead easily to Acropolis Rock and Archaeological site. If you are at the top of Acropolis you can walk from both directions to Plaka, it is on your back actually.

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