From Kydathineon to Filomousou Square

Wondering around Plaka streets, actually really close to the Kydathineon entrance of Plaka, you will meat a magnificent square.

The Square name comes from the “Filomousos” Company name, founded in Athens at 1813. Its purpose was to educate Greeks in the dark Ottoman period of occupation. The Filomousos company was under British protection, so Ioannis Capodistrias, rushed to found its own “Filomousos” Company in Vienna at 1814, under the Russian mandate this time. Probably the reason why Greeks abroad created these companies was after their disappointment from Napoleon failure, who had really inspired them.

So today the modern square of Kydathineon at Plaka brings that heavy historically name.

Today it is one of the main Plaka’s squares, as Lysicratous, Old agora, where you can have lunch, dinner, sometimes with live music as well.

From Filomousou to Lysicratous

You can easily pass to another square at Plaka, Lysicratous, where the famous monument is today. Vyronos street starts from there, that takes you to Acropolis metro station and Acropolis museum.

From Filomousou to Old Agora Square

Another main square you can enjoy dinner or cafe is Old Agora square, that is close to the Tower of Winds monument, just next to the Roman agora.

Where to eat at

Plakaki Cocktail Bar

Filomousou Square: Plakaki 

Plakaki Bistrot, is located at Filomousou Square. It offers a variety of choices, starting from breakfast, up to cocktails late at night. Its position at the square offers privacy and a cosy environment for romance or just good company.