Orthodox Greece

Everybody arrives in Athens in order to see Parthenon at Acropolis hill. But this is actually nothing compared to the history of the city in total and Orthodox churches of Plaka and Athens monasteries have more to say.

During Byzantine times, after Roman period, Greece passed to Christian Orthodox religion. Saint Paul and Philip passed from Athens and preached. Today there are temples and spots that remind their story, now. All the hills of Athens (and main hills around rest of Greece as well) have chapels or temples on them. Orthodox religion also has many festivals around Greece, the so called panigiria.

There are churches everywhere in Athens, even private ones. There are at Monastiraki, Plaka, Syntagma, Thisseio, around hills and mountains, there are so many that someone needs weeks only to explore them.

There is no better than knowing the celebrations of each Plaka/ Athens and Attica most important celebrations and leitourgies. So after the Plaka churches google map we have created,

here you can find a calendar, showing all the celebrations around Plaka and Athens.

Enjoy an Orthodox experience of Athens!