Epic Backpacking in Greek islands

Even if you haven’t decided to visit Greek islands yet, since you have decided to visit Greece, it will magically occur. You have definitely to pass via Athens airport in order to make your Aegean (Saronikos or Cyclades) island hopping a reality!

The options for Island hopping in Aegean sea are either Cyclades either Saronikos. The ports to get there are two, main Piraeus port or Rafina, located near Athens International Airport, or the coastal area of Lavrio, with the ancient mines.

The problem for programming island hopping as an individual is perhaps the weather (when it is too windy there is a sea transfer restriction every six hours) and the timetable, since there is no e-ticket for boats in Greece, until today.

So you need to have a printed ticket, issued from a tour agency either the sea lines website.

What we recommend: 

All islands are magnificent. What you have to do is book early in order to have lower prices, decide what vehicle you need to rent, (bike or auto) and how many days you have to spend. Normally you need 2-3 days for each island, but take also note of the fact that travelling in the sea could be exhausting if someone is not used to it. So be careful also for that.

If you want to rent a boat or a sailing ship, Greece offers for years trustworthy services on that field. The best place for that in Aegean are Sporades islands, and Ionian Sea (not Aegean) because the air there is calmer.