Do you want to learn about the medieval history of Athens?

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Located close to Plaka, the museum is among the must museums of the city of, hosting the medieval history of Greece. The visitor can explore the Christian history of Roman empire,  actually see the change from the pagan gods to Christian ones.

The astonishing building was one from the early built in the modern Greek state, as a winter palace of Duchess’s Sophie de Marbois-Lebrun, Duchess of Plaisance.

At the museum there are today the founding of the Illisus or Illisos Basilica (which is located close to Olympian Zeus temple) excavations, where you can clearly see the early christian art and architecture. Also there are some marbles of Parthenon from the 12th century.

At the next hall there are Christian icons of amazing detail and craft. You can find two main decoration as well.

Apart from the collection of images from Athens Byzantine churches, there are also parts from Greek monasteries- outside Athens. The feeling is amazing.

What is even more interesting are the remains from Latin occupation of Greece. This museum has everything, from antiquity till medieval history.

So, If you want to explore Athens Byzantine past here is the place to be, besides real Plaka churches.