August Full Moon in Athens

2018 poster

Every summer is unique in Greece, but August full moon is the best timing for a visit here. Especially for Athens, since most of the archaeological spaces are open at night, so photographers, romantic spectators can enjoy a night, that will never have the experience to live during a whole year!

Since 2002, Greek Ministry of Culture organizes these events across Greece. Events include music festivals, poems, watching the sky, theatrical shows, art exhibitions, dance events and cinema. August is the best month for some to spend in Athens!!!! In 2017 events, more than 75.000 people participated in 132 open spaces (!!!), while in 2018 more than 100.000!!!

Admission of course is free.

Here is the program not only for Athens and Attica for 2019, between 11-19 August in 97 sites around Greece.



Here is the 2019 program only from Athens: Thursday August 15th 2019

National Archaeological Museum. There will be musical themes but also guidance to the museum.

Amfiaraos Archeological Site. Located at northern Attica, the site will be open until 24.00 with a poetry night.


If you are looking for more options around Athens, you can either visit Athens coastline, or one of the seven hills of Athens.