Feeling like a local means feeling cool during summer

Sometimes in Athens- especially during summer- like the rest of Greece, especially urban centers, there is too hot. Apart from finding air conditioning what other options are there? so it comes…. how can someone feel cool in Athens during hot Greek summer??


Cool Day Tips are:

book a tour at a Saronikos island OR just go to Piraeus port and get the first ship to Aegina (1-1 hour and a half).

OR find a good air-conditioning cafe for the day.

If you want to walk, always keep a bottle of cold water (they sell it everywhere and it is very cheap- check prices here).

Athens coastline (actually Attica coastline): try to go to seaside, either south Athens or eastern Athens and combine with your trip a visit to archaeological sites there (so as not to lose you day without learning something new). You can also visit a mountain, Immitos is closer from the other two to the city center.

Try to visit a tavern next to the sea and enjoy seafood with ouzo- what else. You can also visit Piraeus and Mikrolimano that is near the sea.


Cool Night tips are:

most of the clubs use air-conditioning. Before that, you can visit an Open Air Cinema, there are many in Athens.

Drink cocktails, most of the bars know their task, that is to refresh people. Athens nightlife is famous

Generally at night temperature gets lower, and if you combine it with a visit either to a hill or to a close-to-the-sea-nightclub, that would be perfect..

General tips: eat more fruits and raw vegetables, avoid fat food.

What to do in Athens? Here is a list 

  1. visit Dora Stratou dance theater 
  2. visit the 7 hills of Athens 
  3. visit Athens museums (they are so many)
  4. make a daily trip around Attica, to mountains, lakes,
  5. Explore Athens beaches in south and east! 
  6.  Athens experiences you will love! 
  7. Visit Athenian markets
  8. visit Athens squares
  9. Visit Orthodox monasteries and churches
  10. buy our books, read them and learn more about Athens